Instrumental Master Classes

Department of guitars: Mike Moreno
Department of bass and double bass: Matt Brewer
Department of piano: Aaron Parks
Department of drums: Kendrick Scott

Specifically these courses aim to raise the quality of the teaching offer through the creation of small study groups which will be subdivided into three levels: High – Medium – Preparatory.
The number of participating students has been reduced to 70 musicians total in order for them to be supported thoroughly and so to give each one of them individually more space, both during lessons and during ensemble performances.
The in deep examination of all the possible practical aspects of musical training is the new route the Fara Music Clinics are taking.
The study of the single Instrument, the Ensemble Performances, the Trio Labs and the Workshops are the four basic elements of this newly structured study course.


1.      The classes of instrument will be organized in small groups (during the morning). Students will be guided by the    teachers of own course.

2.      Another news will be the Laboratory of Trio (during the afternoon). The students of the departments of bass and drums, in fact, work and play with the teachers of guitar and piano, and the students of the departments of guitar and piano with the teachers of drums and bass.

3.      The classes of ensemble music featuring musicians with the same musical skills are guided by different teachers of seminaries.


  • Department of guitars: Mike Moreno
  • Department of bass and double bassMatt Brewer
  • Department of pianoAaron Parks
  • Department of drumsKendrick Scott


  1. Vocal Jazz Lab by Cinzia Spata – COST: € 250,00

Generally the courses are open to auditors without any admission requirements, yet within the available boarding limits. The participation fee in this case will be 50% of the full fee. Auditors will be able to participate but will not be given the possibility to intervene or play.

Duration of Master Classes: 7 days (July 23st to 39th 2018)

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