Fara Music Jazz Live Award 2018

 Jazz Live Award

The enrolments for the Fara Jazz Music Live Awards 2018 are open.

The Fara Music Association in collaboration with EMME PRODUZIONI MUSICALI and TUBE RECORDING STUDIO, under the patronage of the Municipality of Fara Sabina, is organizing this year as well the FARA MUSIC LIVE JAZZ AWARDS (from July 23 to 29) a musical contest targeting young talents.

The contest is open to bands coming from all over Europe that are not tied by any recording or publishing contract for the time being and that are willing to present a project that is far from the pop music standards, more tending stylistically towards any jazz genre (classic jazz, contemporary jazz, acid jazz, fusion jazz, blues/jazz etc.). The contest will prefer formations which will present unpublished and original projects. The prize will consist in the possibility to open the concerts of the main Artists that will be taking part in the Tenth Edition of the Fara Music Festival of 2018 (from July the 23s to 29th).

The groups that will make it to the finals will be evaluated throughout the evenings by a technical  jury chaired by the Artistic Director of the Fara Music Festival, Mr. Enrico Moccia with technical operators such as producers, journalists and managers.
The technical jury will assign the following prizes:

  • For the best band, overall winner of the contest: the production and publishing of a recording project to be entirely realized at TUBE RECORDING STUDIO with the artistic and executive production of EMME PRODUZIONI MUSICALI
  • For the best solo performance: the participation to the workshops of 2019 Fara Music Summer School.

The Contest Phases:

  1. The selection of the groups that will perform during the Fara Music Festival. The staff of the Fara Music Festival will select the finalists by listening to the MP3 demos that will be submitted to them (from a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 7), These finalists will perform on the central stage of the 2018 Fara Music Festival, from July 23st to 29th, opening the concert evening of the main artists.
  2. The exhibition of the finalists will be characterized both by the original and unpublished songs and by a maximum of two standards, and also by the fact that it will be based upon the interpretation of a musical composition (that will have to be sent by mail by the organizers of the festival to the bands in contest 10 days before the performance) written especially for the bands that will enter the finals by the pros that will take part in the technical jury. The composition (8 or 12 written measures, including the melody and harmony) will not have further references (they will serve as cue) so that the finalists will be able to interpret it to their own taste and develop independently the written tracks during the final performance. The membership fee in order to participate to the necessary expenses for the enrollment to the Fara Music Live Jazz Awards is of €50 per Band. The enrollment must be entered by July 10th 2018.

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