The Arrangement Lab, the great big news of Fara Music Summer School…

An important first in this Summer School edition is the introduction of the Arrangement and Ensemble Lab intended epecially for the woodwinds but not only.

This masterclass aims at the full and complete understanding of the most recondit secrets of orchestration according to the level of complexity and of technical peculiarities of each and every instrument wether woodwind or not.

Thoughout the course there will alo be a deep analisis of CONDUCTING, a form of orchestral leading very popular in the 60s and 70s where, throughout conventional movement and signs made by the ochestral leader, one interprets extemporarily giving life to a composition and to an immediate  creative arrangement  without the need for any score.

The Lab is addressed to the following instruments:
Trumpets ( up to 4 elements)
Trombones (up to  4 elements)
Alto Sax , Tenor Sax and  Baritone Sax (from 2 to 5 elements)
Clarinetts ( up to 3 elements)
Bombardins (up to  2 elements)
Bass Tubas (up to 2 elements)
French Hornes  (2 elements)
Flutes (up to  2 elements)

Guitars (up to  2 elements)
Bass and Electric Bass

The cost of the enrollment in this masterclass is of € 200,00

The educational activities will be held July 21st to 27th 2014


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